Change Log 6/21/19
This is CommentSold's weekly changelog!
Changes This Week:
  • The New Account Page is Now Available for Everyone
  • Product Templates Are Now Available for Everyone
  • Combined Barcodes Are Now Available for Everyone
  • Product List Sorting Fixed
  • On the Waitlist tab the Total Waitlists sorting use to not work. This has been fixed.
  • Onboarding Fixes:
  1. We made it so Shopify products count towards adding a product.
  2. We made it so PayPal counts as a payment processor.
  • New Account Page Fixes:
  1. Fixed issues with font loading on Internet Explorer
  2. When an item is in a customers cart, their page will move to the cart on page load
  3. Remove HTML in Shopify product descriptions on the Product list
  4. Remove quantities from the product list
  5. Require local pickup location to be chosen so orders aren't created without a location
  6. Fixed authorizing a new card for waitlist