We are missing a few Shopify Fields to properly sync in CS to make less work.
Shopify SALE pricing doesn't sync in an effective way to comment sold. In shopify the "compare to price" is what triggers an item to be marked as SALE.
When compare to price is listed it will be crossed out and then price will be listed. It would be great if there was a COMPARE TO field in comment sold so that it can sync. Otherwise the new lower price is marked as retail and the "discount" is not obvious like it shows on shopify.
Shopify "cost" does not sync. We have to open each product manually and resync to make sure that cost properly transfers over. In the regular Shopify to Comment Sold update/sync that occurs this should be an automatic field that updates. It makes no sense that 2/3 of our entries populate with a $0 cost and have no way to automatically correct themselves.
Shopify Collections/Tags. Shopify When we add a tag or collection on shopify, it populates on the website/external app in the collections we specify. It would be great if those could merge over to comment sold. Otherwise we have to go into every new product and add the collections we want. We personally use the same collection names for both CS and Shopify Websites. This is especially a pain when we mark an item on SALE in Shopify and then have to go back and do the same in Comment Sold.